Art has always been an influential part of my life.  Born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.  As a kid I adored comic books, horror movies, and Saturday morning cartoons.  Little did I know all this would one day collide to create my lifelong career and passion!

In school I highly enjoyed creating art...and since I excelled at it, decided early on that I needed to figure out a way to make a living with my talent lest I be miserable doing something I considered mundane.  Thus, immediately upon graduation, I opened my own sign shop and entered the commercial art world.  Years later I began creating graphic art for book covers, illustrations, etc.  My early love for science fiction and horror inspired me to try oil painting and for over ten years I reveled in what I thought was my new found love.  

During this same time I constantly tried new techniques and mediums, sometimes striking on something that interested me.  Having always enjoyed the smell and texture of paint, I began “splattering” with my fingers in order to really get into my work and eliminate brushes.  My technique started out very loose with landscapes and florals but was eventually set aside for my love of oils.  

A few years later, tiring of oils, I began splattering again.  Newly energized, I began pushing the technique, tightening up the medium, experimenting with portraits, etc.  Faces began to emerge, fantastical images appeared, and I began creating highly textured paintings that people fell in love with.  

While I continue exploring new techniques and my work still resonates with my love of pop culture, you'll find it now sprinkled with more fine art creations.  These have allowed me to spread my wings and experiment with more architecture, portraits, and still lifes...things I probably would have never painted prior.  And for that I am grateful.

Billy Tackett, Artist